Am I Enjoying Life?

What a ride 2014 has been! With the launch of Arise&Be and the incredible growth we witnessed, I think of my word for the year — ENJOY — and I realized how during this incredible journey of stepping outside my comfort zone, I experienced joy like I never had before. I think of it like the roller coaster that terrifies you and thrills you all at the same time and even though you want it to be over…you find yourself back in line for another ride.


I came to learn how joy has many faces…and being uncomfortable for the sake of creating a larger life to engage in an adventure of a lifetime…does bring joy.  Even when you’re risking like you’ve never done before.

More specifically, I witnessed how joy is manifested and how it can be so elusive…so unexpected…so unplanned…so surprisingly authentic.  Honestly, I’m still trying to understand my journey with ‘Enjoy’.    But what I observed most about joy was how it is often stolen…and how I allow it.

For instance, when I kept my focus on ‘What I am Doing versus Who I am Becoming’, I lost my compass and I’d find myself anxious, frustrated and restless.  It was easy to compare my achievements with others (which we all know zaps the very joy out of anything and conjures the green-eyed monster of jealousy) and I strived more with less results.

I found that as I switched my gaze toward ‘Who I am Becoming’ such as being a person who offers peace and love, it empowered me to return to my life path as it simultaneously engaged my compass for next steps.  I stepped into conversations better, declined invitations that didn’t align with my values, and initiated steps toward inspiring goals.  And I felt myself exhale with a ‘there you are, Heather’ sense of well-being.  Peace with myself and the life I was choosing was restored.


As I end 2014, I realize I have only scratched the surface of enjoying life.  I want more.  So, for 2015, I’m engaging this word again with the phrase, PRECIOUS PRESENT, to remind me how staying fully present with my life keeps me enjoying what’s right in front of me.

My heart is for you as you engage more joy in your life for 2015.

With warm thoughts,

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