Hitting the Summer Refresh Button: 3 ReaSons to PLaY HaRd!

How do we show up well in our relationships?  The most essential intention we can activate is learning the art of checking in with our heart.  Many of us must resist the urge to live ‘yanking our hearts around by the bootstraps’ and pushing through life on an adrenaline rush.  (….She says with 3 fingers pointing back….).

Summertime has become my time to slow down and hit the refresh button….

and playtime is essential to my heart.

IMG_5897 Play1 Play2 Play3 IMG_5898 IMG_5899

That’s what the Summer is about in the Penny household.  From vacations that include camping, exotic trips, and new adventures….to firework shows, BBQs, pool parties with friends, and Friday Family Fun Nite….we are being intentional about playing.

So, here’s what I experience as I take the time to play and give myself permission to deviate from the daily grind….

  1. Creativity flows
  2. Relationships flourish
  3. New perspective is gained

Isn’t it worth it?!?  For someone who likes to be productive and see high results, it has been inspiring to see the impact of Summer Playtime.

Taking the time to slow down and check in with one another in fun ways creates new space for higher levels of connection and intimacy.   This is why Summer has become my “refresh button”.

I get to check in with the state of my heart, which in turn allows me to honor my relationships better.   I want to offer my best as a mother, educator, wife, coach, sister, daughter, and friend.

So what’s your story?   How are you playing hard this Summer?  And what are you experiencing as you hit your own Summer refresh button?

My heart is with you and FOR you….Play on!!!


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Play or Bust!

I think it’s safe to say that summer is officially here! Kiddos are out of school, the heat has arrived {to stay}, the air conditioner is running {non-stop}, and I’m finding that all I want to do is PLAY! The hard decision making has shifted from balancing school activities, family and sports; to planning adventures, road trips, which beach should we go to? and where can we explore next?

Rough…I know.

But we often forget to make play-time a priority… It takes intentionality to choose ‘play’ time over ‘get things done’ time. And yes, sometimes we just have to cross that to-do off our list {or if you’re anything like me…lists}, and yes, sometimes work needs to take precedence…

My hope for you as you move into summer, is to encourage you to remember what it feels like to play. Find that child-like spirit that lives in all of us and let it burst out of you! Rediscover your heartsong and sing it as loud as you can! Pick that one place you’ve always wanted to go…and go! {And when you get there, don’t forget to send us a picture ( or ), so we can share in the adventure with you!}

And if you need a little kick start…

Here are 6 words I use as motivators to create more play-time in my life:


Wishing you a summer-time full of good ol’ PLAY-time!!



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