Attracting Meaningful Relationships.

Relationships reflect the deep desire for humans to connect.

They can leave marks on our hearts and speak to our souls.

Some relationships have the capability of creating a synergy so off the charts amazing, the whole universe smiles!

Because when a relationship clicks, a connection is created.


And when connections are created, we as humans thrive.

We attract that which we are.

When we are our brave authentic selves, we attract authentic relationships.


When we are intentional about being truthful with ourselves, we attract trusting and open relationships.

When we wholeheartedly love and embrace our own perfect imperfections, we attract accepting and loving relationships.

Take a moment and ask yourself: What type of relationships are you attracting into your life? Are they joyful? Are they supportive? Are they challenging? Are they honest?

Enjoy this useful guide to actions you can start today to begin attracting and nurturing authentic relationships into your life:


As I engage on this path of personal acceptance, I’m discovering love in all the little pieces of my heart {the good the bad, the ugly and the beautiful}. In doing so, I am in awe with the unique relationships that I have attracted into my life. Some new and some pleasantly awakened, but all built on a foundation of love.

– Michaela

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