Beauty: I Am Perfectly Imperfect {and so are you!}

Beauty: {byoo-tee} noun- the combination of all the qualities of a person or thing that delight the senses and please the mind

My perception of Beauty has evolved throughout my life.

As a child everything was beautiful. I always felt beautiful. I was a princess, weren’t we all? My innocence didn’t know there was any other way to feel other than beautiful. My heart song sang as loud as it could.

As a teenager I began to feel less and less beautiful. As my body changed, so did my perception of beauty. I began to feel judged by others, which eventually led me to judge myself. I would flip through the pages of YM Magazine and try to figure out how I could look like the models on the picture perfect pages. I thought, ‘If only I could have: bigger boobs, skinnier legs, smoother skin, thicker hair, flatter stomach, fuller lips, smaller feet, then I will be perfect. Then I will be beautiful.’

As a woman, I’ve come to understand, that Beauty; true, authentic, genuine, everlasting, unconditional beauty; isn’t in the picture perfect pages of the magazines, but rather, Beauty is in the imperfections that make me exactly who I am.


It’s in the wrinkles around my eyes.

The lines around my smile.

The stretch marks on my body.

The grey in my hair.

The scars on my heart.

The freckles on my face.

The curves around my edges.

The dimples on my cheeks {and not the one’s on my face!}

As my perception of beauty has evolved throughout my life, I see beauty in my every single day. In everything I see and touch and admire. In every unanswered prayer and daily coincidence.

Don’t get me wrong, the teenager in me still judges, just as the child in me still sings my heart song. The difference now, is that it’s no longer one extreme or the other. It’s perfectly imperfect.

Wayne Dyer says it so clearly:

Wayne Dyer

May I be the voice that says ‘Your beauty is perfectly imperfect.’

Now, what imperfection can you transform into beauty today?



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