My Clarity Journey During Transition

Transitioning. Life never stays static, does it? I was in the middle of shifting into new directions. Reaching mid-life brought new questions and the desire for new possibilities. The only problem was….What? How? When? I knew I wanted a career change that aligned with my experience, gifts and passion, but I couldn’t define it clearly.

Working with a coach for over a year taught me to be ‘still’ long enough to trust my inner voice. I heard what I truly wanted and my desire to transition from the field of education into one of coaching, speaking & writing. But in all honesty, I feared I had the courage to make this shift. Where do I start? How do I go about it? Who will be my clientele? What is my mission? How does this align with my purpose? Where will this career path take me for the second half of my life? Will I be successful? I floundered and restlessly waited in a cloud of questions. I needed more clarity.

This is where I was in life when I developed The Clarity Process. Developing this theoretical model helped anchor me during the flood of emotions and options that can overwhelm us during the onset of transitioning. I craved order. When things are shifting and changing both in and around me, I needed to be able to understand…to classify…& to confirm. Hence the birth of The Clarity Process. I discovered that when I committed to the four stages of this process: REST, BELIEFS, FAITH, & ACTION, my clarity increased and the path became clearer.

Now, certainly life is never quite this linear, but in hindsight the path is always clearer, right? Looking back, I can see how The Clarity Process served me well. However, I will admit, that this takes work and daily intentionality in the middle of unsure outcomes and new possibilities. But when I feel stuck, I still use this process by first resting and letting myself listen in on my inner dialogue, checking my beliefs, engaging my faith, and then setting my course of action. My clarity grows rather than my confusion and with this, my confidence increases.

So, this is the back-story about how The Clarity Process was developed. Join the team and me at Arise & Be as we step into this conversation together for our 6-week E-course. See you in the Courseroom!

My heart is with you and for you,



  1. Likewise the journey of change has created a need for rest, restating beliefs/values, faith to believe that God is re-centering me and action to move forward with baby steps or giant steps!! Love your clarity process!! In my rest – waiting on God to give me the dream – the big idea – and discover who He wants to come with me on the journey!!

  2. Heather

    Thanks friend! The older we get the more we realize the power we have to nurture clarity…or confusion. Good hearing from you.

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