Sharing the love…One love letter at a time.

 Happy February!

Love notes have always been a huge part of my family’s life. We love to leave little post it notes around the house for one another, on mirrors, in the kitchen, in the car, etc…


And on special occasions (ie: Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Father’s/Mother’s day) we tend to go all out with the love letters! Expressing our love in depth through letters & cards.

Recently, my husband raised the “love letter” bar when he wrote a love note to me every single day for a year in 2013. This gift took my breath away. It took writing our little love notes on post-its to a whole new level.

I knew that if I was ever going to read all of these letters, I had to go somewhere where there were no distractions. So, I went to the most peaceful place I could think of… the ocean. It took me an entire weekend to read every single letter… and it got me thinking… First, “How am I (ever) going to top this gift?” and second, “What is it about love letters that make us feel so…well, loved?”

I came to a few conclusions, but in an effort to keep this post a post and not a book (hee-hee), I will keep it to just two:

First, I realized, that I will never be able to top this gift. Accept that & move on (which, if you know me, this is extremely difficult to do, but that’s a whole other blog post in itself)

Second, I realized that the gift he gave me wasn’t about the letters. It was about the act of committing to do this every single day, to show me how much he loved me….and follow through with it. Seeing our life through his eyes… for an entire year… that was his gift to me.

Times where I thought things were rough and hard and difficult… he saw beauty, love and growth. Times where I thought I could have done something better… he saw perfection. Times where I felt lost… he saw my destination. Moments in our marriage where we were challenged…he thanked me for being his rock (me? He’s always my rock). Moments where our kiddos were driving me nuts… they were driving him nuts too!


So, back to my question, “What is it about love letters that make us feel so loved?” Love letters give us an opportunity to express how we feel in depth that the spoken word may never reveal. And, most importantly, it’s the thought, the intention behind the action of taking the time to write a love note… that is where you feel the love. Love is so much more than words. It is an action.

We often think of love letters to be between a man and a woman, but they can be written to anyone. One of my most cherished love letters came from my daughter, Grace when she was {6}:


Being that this is the month of “Love”… my challenge to you is to write a love note to someone in your life that you love. It can be to anyone! Your mom, your hubby, your BFF, your daughter/son, cousin… and it can be as simple as writing a post-it note, or sending a letter in the mail, or leaving a surprise note somewhere in the house, on their car, under their pillow.

Let’s share our love this month… one love letter at a time.



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  1. Beautiful friend. You have taught me so much about love. I look forward to growing in how I love my relationships well. What a gift to be in relationship with people who value the art of loving well.

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