Our Stories

We believe in the power behind telling our stories to foster relationships across time and space. It’s why we remember stories over the years, but often forget the 3 points of a seminar or the 5 tips for success…and it’s why we, at Arise&BE, challenge ourselves to share our story with you, and why we want to hear yours’.

As our world becomes increasingly digital, and the organizations we support no longer maintain a brick and mortar presence, we hope our blog will serve as a connecting thread, a reminder that behind every website, every organization is an individual or team trying to show up for their best life. Today we invite you into our world to share some of our stories with you…who we are…and why we started Arise&Be. Your comments, observations, and thoughts are also welcomed as a story only comes to life when it is shared.


My Story…..

I was 9 years old when I started the Daisy Club with my twin sister and our two best friends. We sewed daisies on our clothing, met on the big rock after school, created positions for the club, and kept a ‘daisy diary’ recording all the important stuff discussed at our meetings. Honestly, who knows what the purpose really was except that it was somehow very important that we form a club. Reflecting back, it was clear in my young mind the necessity of girls coming together. Even from a young age, I yearned for the empowerment, the joy, and the synergy that happens when girls come together.

Decades later, I still carry that same passion for bringing women together. I have started many “Daisy Clubs” over the years to connect women and support their overall growth in areas of intellect, spirit, and emotions. Some groups were formally created where we had a mission to accomplish…and some were informally created because I desperately needed to know that someone was in my corner, and that I was in theirs’.

Like a bee attracted to pollen…wherever I go, I find myself drawn to the stories of women. I honor women by collecting their stories, sharing their inspiration, their heartache, and their courage. I am inspired to live better. To offer more….and to share a rich community with those living inspirational stories. In beautiful community, I believe we write better stories for our life. I believe community empowers more faith in ourselves…and in the abilities we have to offer. We see who we really are reflected in the eyes of those who are FOR us. And we become stronger…more courageous…kinder…and more intentional about how we live.

I believe this is the WHY behind my many Daisy Clubs over the years. And I am amazed how the journey brought me here to Arise&Be. Here, I am at home with this team of women and those who are joining us. I find myself daring to believe in new possibilities…dreaming bigger…smiling more…enjoying the journey of writing a new story. Isn’t this what we all want? An inspiring story to live? Listen to our stories…share your own…and may we all find what we are looking for to give us the courage to live beautiful stories.

– Heather

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