Heart Friends Part 2 of 2

Friends are an amazing, important part of life… but sometimes friendships can be difficult to navigate. We are going to discuss healthy friendships, and give you a great coaching tool for recognizing who your “heart friends” are, and why that matters. This is part 2 of 2.

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You Said What? Establishing Constructive Communication

Communication…it makes or breaks a relationship, doesn’t it?  Because of the power communication holds, it is a core value for Arise & Be.  Communicating well with an emphasis on fostering positive community and relational teamwork requires a commitment to ‘weed out’ confusion and constructively address what is causing anxiety.

This was a lesson I recently learned in leading a team of highly gifted individuals.  After a successful event, I began to pick up on a general sense of anxiety within the team.

After making observations and checking in with several members, I realized individuals were struggling in how to give and receive constructive feedback.  There was a general unease about how to say some hard things.  I soon came to understand that the anxiety was stemming from a fear of hurting feelings if they said what they were feeling.

What was needed?

We needed the space, time, and safety to communicate well.  So, at our next meeting, we decided to practice giving and receiving feedback based on basic communication principles:

1.    Affirm the relationship and your positive intent.

2.    Specifically describe what you observed.

3.    Share the impact of the behavior or action.

4.    Invite the listener to respond.

5.    Focus the discussion on moving forward and finding solutions together.

It was a meeting well spent.  We established a safe and healthy culture to communicate what needed to be said in a way that cared for the relationship as well as directly targeted the need for growth.  Because the time was taken to practice communicating well, relationships grew stronger, goals became clear and more achievable, and the group angst was replaced with a spirit of security and confidence.

When we have a sensitivity tuned into the emotional vibes coming from our relationships, we can recognize it as an opportunity to pause…address it…and step into the conversation.



Hold the tension of both honoring the relationship as well as encouraging growth. Perhaps considering these questions for your own journey in communication will help:

· Where do I want to communicate better?

· How do I want to intentionally move into a conversation?

· What is stopping me?

Taking the time to communicate intentionally is the best gift you can offer a relationship. Step into this with courage and confidence. Try out these 5 basic communication principles…you can do it!

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Attracting Meaningful Relationships.

Relationships reflect the deep desire for humans to connect.

They can leave marks on our hearts and speak to our souls.

Some relationships have the capability of creating a synergy so off the charts amazing, the whole universe smiles!

Because when a relationship clicks, a connection is created.


And when connections are created, we as humans thrive.

We attract that which we are.

When we are our brave authentic selves, we attract authentic relationships.


When we are intentional about being truthful with ourselves, we attract trusting and open relationships.

When we wholeheartedly love and embrace our own perfect imperfections, we attract accepting and loving relationships.

Take a moment and ask yourself: What type of relationships are you attracting into your life? Are they joyful? Are they supportive? Are they challenging? Are they honest?

Enjoy this useful guide to actions you can start today to begin attracting and nurturing authentic relationships into your life:


As I engage on this path of personal acceptance, I’m discovering love in all the little pieces of my heart {the good the bad, the ugly and the beautiful}. In doing so, I am in awe with the unique relationships that I have attracted into my life. Some new and some pleasantly awakened, but all built on a foundation of love.

– Michaela

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