Is your life your own?

3 Ways to Offer our Life Story Well

In his book, Let Your Life Speak, Parker Palmer talks about his noble ambitions to live up to a high standard by observing great lives and emulating the loftiest of ideals.  However, in his quest to achieve a high standard of living, he realized how false his life began to feel. In his words he had “simply found a noble way to live a life that was not my own, a life spent imitating heroes instead of listening to my heart.”

What does it mean to listen to our own hearts and live the life that only we are meant to live?

1-We take the time to pull away and listen to the whispers of our hearts.  

What is important to me?  How am I aligning my time and resources to listen to my heart well?  

2-We honor all that we have lived and anticipate more story yet to be written.

How do I honor my failings and my successes?  How do I get to use what I have lived to finish writing my story well?  What is my best to offer the world?  What am I anticipating?

3-We OWN the responsibility of writing our life stories and intentionally offering it back.  Where do I need more support for the story I want to offer?  How do I want to finish well?  What is the legacy I want to leave?  How is Divine Love guiding my story?  What is blocking me?

Why is it so important to be intentional about writing our life stories well and offering it back?

Because just like our own unique fingerprints…so is the story for your life.  The world is waiting for you to show up and offer your story well.

I learned this life lesson well teaching in East L.A.  With a low socio-economic at-risk community of middle school children, I was hired to teach English.  As I learned to trust my intuition by incorporating the arts and integrating the right side of their brain to both soothe their spirit as well as energize their creative thinking, I watched the test scores go up.  I witnessed a population that had consistently failed begin to succeed at high rates.  What if I had passed over this position?  What if I had ignored my instinct to incorporate art?  What if I had dismissed the whispers of my heart to find creative ways to support the journey of these children?

We each have the joy of living fully present with our lives to offer the story that only we can offer.

My heart is with you and for you as you step nobly into your story and offer it to our world, Heather

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It’s a big word and there seems to be a lot of emphasis on it during this season.

I don’t just mean a little emphasis….

I mean a lot!

Facebook, Blogs, Instagram….  It’s everywhere!

People are writing about it.  Embracing it.  Choosing to live it.



This word has been a tough one for me this year.  And I will tell you why…  Every year, I intentionally choose a word for myself.  A word to focus on.  A word to grow my heart and feed my spirit.  A word to strengthen my voice and what I offer back to the world.

In past years, my words have been:   Freedom.  Intentional.  Clarity.

And, you guessed it.  My word for 2014 is GRATITUDE.

I thought it would be an easy one.  After all, I am a pretty positive person. I believe in living life to the fullest. I believe in finding the “thank you’s” in everyday living. I take deep breaths and truly engage with what life offers.  This word seemed like it would be an easy journey.  After all, it’s a natural response to a good life, and I definitely have a good life.  So I could easily cruise through this year and this word! Right?

Not exactly.

Instead, this word seemed to taunt me.  It served as a reminder of my humanness. I became acutely aware of my many broken places.   And I was reminded of my short comings.  It brought my biggest fears to the surface.  But Why?

Vulnerability.  That’s what I feel when I focus on gratitude.  Because I recognize how much I have to be grateful for, and that definitely touches on a deep part of my heart.  BUT with that awareness, I also recognize how much I have to lose.  That makes me feel vulnerable.

This is just me being completely transparent. Let me give you an example of what I mean:  When I think of my children, my heart explodes with love for them.  I feel emotional.  Just writing this, I feel teary.  Oh yes, my kids are such a beautiful part of my life. Of course I am grateful for them.  Their life is a gift to me.  But with that gratefulness comes the realization that I could lose them.  In a moment, something could happen, and I could lose one of them.  Isn’t this every parent’s worst nightmare?

HENCE: The vulnerability.

This is what I have come to recognize.  I am not afraid of vulnerability.  Vulnerability is such an authentic way to live my best life. So I choose to live from that vulnerable place, and embrace all that comes with it.  And part of living from that vulnerable place is exploring GRATITUDE.


Brené Brown said it perfectly… in order to experience joy, we should be practicing gratitude… Who doesn’t want more joy in their life?!!!

So I am embracing  gratitude.

Gratitude is a choice for me.   It’s a response to the beautiful life I have been given.  It is a declaration of today’s many gifts. It is about showing appreciation and returning kindness. It is what encourages the JOY in my life.

Oh Yes.

I’ve got this word.

Gratitude… choosing the risk of vulnerability… experiencing joy… bring it on! I want all that life has to offer through the gateway of authentic gratitude.


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