I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the art experience and how comfortable it was talking with my seat-mate during sharing.Joyce
Totally enriching to my self worth. I am very blessed by you, Heather. Keep doing what your are doing. I can’t wait to share with the important women in my life.Lucy
It was so helpful to learn how to identify a false belief that had been holding me back.Linda
The solitude lunch gave me space to rest and reflect… something I don’t do enough and forget how much I need it.Jane
Excellent! I really did a lot of soul searching — brainstorming what was holding me up in decision-making.Rayna
Being able to just sit and listen, not having to take a ton of notes made me feel so free!Eve
So necessary to grow and search my heart. Love it!Nina
The time was magical, peaceful, and powerful because I experienced breakthrough, assurance, hope, and restoration all gifts to my heart and journey.Kim
Having time for myself was such a luxury!Sarah
I appreciated how the retreat flowed – it allowed for us to be ourselves, learn, and yet wasn’t structured to the minute.Rachel